What Does “Certified as a Specialist in the field of Elder Law” mean?

Only 107 attorneys in the Florida Bar are Board Certified in the Field of Elder Law. (The Florida Bar has over 75,000 active members.)

According to the Florida Bar the certification in Elder Law program is consistently recognized as a national leader among other state programs. Florida Bar Board certified lawyers are evaluated for professionalism and tested for expertise. Florida Bar board certification provides an objective measure that a potential client can rely upon when selecting a lawyer.

The Florida Bar minimum standards for Elder Law Certification include:

  1. Practice of law for at least 5 years
  2. Substantial involvement in the specialty of elder law‑ 40% or more‑ during each of the 3 years immediately preceding application
  3. 60 hours of approved elder law certification continuing legal education in the 3 years immediately preceding application
  4. Peer review
  5. A written examination

Mr. Connors served two terms as Chair of the Elder Law Certification Examination Committee. The Committee prepared and scored the annual Elder Law Certification Exam for Florida attorneys seeking certification.